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Snow and Ice Removal

Snow and Ice Pertinent Information

Roads are plowed by priority, with schools, emergency services, hospital, and more heavily traveled roads being given the highest priority.

Give the plow trucks plenty of room. If you tailgate or try to pass on a narrow road, you have a high probability of damaging your vehicle, either from the road salt or a collision. If you cannot see the driver in his rear view mirror, he cannot see you.

Vehicles, trailers, campers, etc. must be off the road for their own protection as well as to allow the snow plows to do their jobs. It is also the law. Moving your parked vehicle aids the Street Division in effectively removing all snow from the street.

Brigham City Ordinance 24.01.160.  No Parking During Snow Removal/Plowing Hours:

A. It is unlawful to park or leave parked any vehicle upon the City’s paved portion of the street anytime that snow removal/plowing from pavement edge to pavement edge is taking place.

            B. Impounding Vehicles. Any vehicle parked in violation of Subsection A of this Section may be impounded and no person shall recover any vehicle thus removed without first paying the cost of removal and the cost of storage.

            1. Vehicles which have been plowed around will be presumed to be abandoned or in continued violation of this Chapter and shall be subject to removal and or citation.

            C. Evidence with respect to vehicle parked or left in violation of Subsection A. In any prosecution with regard to a vehicle parked or left in a place or in a condition in violation of Subsection A of this Section, proof that the subject vehicle described in the complaint was parked or left in violation of Subsection A of this Section, together with proof that the defendant named in the complaint was at the time the registered owner of such vehicle, shall constitute prima facie evidence that the defendant was the person who parked or left the vehicle in violation of Subsection A of this Section.

            D.  It shall be a defense to any prosecution hereunder if the defendant can show that the vehicle for which the citation was issued was parked in front of the individual's residence and that the individual is a tenant, rather than an owner of the residence, and that the rental property has no off-street parking for the tenant and constitutes a nonconforming use which existed prior to the enactment of the City zoning ordinances.

            E.  Violation of this Section is a Class C Misdemeanor.