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Water Division


Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life by providing municipal services, protecting life and property with fiscal responsibility, while preserving our heritage for the citizens of Brigham City.


Brigham City Water System

The Brigham City Water Division manages and is responsible for seven culinary reservoirs with a total culinary water storage capacity of 12.5 million gallons; 120 miles of culinary water line; 6216 water service connections; eight culinary wells and seven culinary springs. The total culinary water production of wells and springs in a single day can be as high as 19 million gallons.

Services provided by the Water Division include but are not limited to: utility location, water leak detection, billing adjustments, 24-hour on call stand-by personnel, water quality testing, water meter setting, water line inspections, culinary water hardness information for residents installing water conditioners or water softeners, water pressure testing and water flow information for residents installing sprinkler systems and educational presentations for school and civic groups.

Contact Information:

Rene Cedillo
Water Supervisor

Office:  (435) 226-1449
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Office: (435) 734-6615
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