Wastewater Treatment General Information

The main function of the Wastewater Treatment Division, located at 1175 W. 675 N., is to keep the treatment plant and collection system in compliance with EPA and State regulations.

Treatment Plant

The Treatment Plant consists of an activated sludge treatment process system. There are two aerated ditches with a capacity of 2,100,000 gallons each, two clarifiers with a capacity of 650,000 gallons each, one aerated digester with an approximate capacity of 486,450 gallons, seventeen drying beds that are 6 inches deep for a total combined capacity of 937,603 gallons.

Citizen Support

Scheduling tours at the Wastewater Treatment Plant: can be done by calling 435-723-3146 to schedule a date and time. The tour consists of an explanation of how the plant operates and a walking tour of the facilities.

Contact Information:

Bryce Lofthouse, Manager
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Office: (435) 226-1441
Fax:      (435) 723-7631

revor Nelson, Foreman
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Stormwater Coordinator

Office:  (435) 226-1444
Fax:      (435) 723-7631

Jolene Crockett
Administrative Assistant
to the Public Works Director
Office: (435) 734-6615
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