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There are many volunteer opportunities at the Senior Center. Volunteers help keep the costs down for many of our programs.

Two service organizations that exist within the Center are Box Elder Golden Spike Senior Services and the SPIKE Club. B.E. Golden Spike Senior Services is an IRS recognized 501 (C)(3) organization. Both of these organizations raise money for the Senior Center to improve the physical surroundings as well as contribute to the Meals on Wheels program serving the homebound elderly and disabled in our community.

  • The Mayor’s Advisory Council consists of members of our community, who volunteer in many events in the community. .
  • Other fundraising efforts are held during March to go along with the March for Meals campain. The Center also operates a Christmas bazaar.
  • Meals on Wheels utilizes many volunteers to help package and deliver the meals to the homebound elderly and physically challenged. The area served is Southeastern Box Elder County and includes Brigham City, Perry, Mantua, Honeyville, Bear River City, and Willard. All meals are prepared at the Center.
  • Volunteers are always needed to help with our Outreach Programs, Phone a Friend and Friendly Visitors. Contact is made at least once a week with those needing extra socializing. No chores are to be done for these positions. If you can help with these programs, please make your initial contact with Tammy Hadley at the Senior Center. 
  • Crafters help create many beautiful items for sale at the Center’s Gift Shop—Treasures Under Glass. Many Meals on Wheels patrons participate in this program when they feel that they don’t have the monetary means to pay for the meals they enjoy. The materials for the projects they complete are provided at no cost—they donate their time and talents. There are many quality items for sale throughout the year.
  • Box Elder Golden Spike Senior Services [BEGSSS] is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. BEGSSS sponsors the Annual March for Meals BINGO nights in March. This event has become a popular annual tradition with the community. The evening of Bingo, food and prizes provides a good time as well as raising money for the Meals on Wheels program. BEGSSS also accepts old car donations known as the Wheels for Meals program. Proceeds are donated to Meals On Wheels. Your donation is tax deductible If you have an old car you would like to donate, please contact Nancy at 435-226-1451.
  • For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact Tammy, Meals & Volunteer Supervisor at 435-226-1454.

Volunteers can be found working in our kitchen, delivering Meals on Wheels, teaching varied classes, organizing commodities for distribution to the seniors, crafting for others, volunteering in the community, and assisting each other. 

If you would like to donate, please contact Tammy at (435)226-1454.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact our Meals & Volunteer Supervisor, at (435)226-1454.