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Tax Rates

Brigham City strives to maintain fiscal responsibility by balancing the needs for public services with a conservative approach to taxation. Tax rates in Brigham City compare favorably with rates in Utah and elsewhere. The following table lists property tax rates and sales and use tax rates applicable in Brigham City. Additional information regarding taxation in Utah can be obtained from the Utah State Tax Commission.

Brigham City Tax Rates

Tax Rate
Property Taxes
   Brigham City .001318
   Box Elder County .001944
   Box Elder School District .008082
   Box Elder Mosquito Abatement District .000232
   Bear River Water Conservancy District .000281
Total    .011857
Sales and Use Tax  
   State Sales and Use Tax (State of Utah) .0470
   Local Sales and Use Tax (Brigham City) .0100
   Mass Transit Tax (Utah Transit Authority) .0055
   County Option Sales Tax (Box Elder County) .0025
Total    .0650
   Municipal Energy Tax (Brigham City) .06
   Telecommunications (monthly charge per line)  
E911 Emergency Telephone $0.71
Statewide Unified E911 $0.09
Poison Control $0.07
Total    $0.87
   Transient Room  
Transient Room Tax (Box Elder County) .0425
Municipality Transient Room Tax (Brigham City) .0100
Total    .0525
Motor Vehicle Rental Tax (State of Utah) .0250
Restaurant Tax (Box Elder County) .0100