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Storm Water


The purpose of the Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) is to develop, implement, and enforce a plan designed to reduce the discharge of pollutants from the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4), protect water quality, and satisfy the appropriate water quality requirements of the Utah Water Quality Act.  The development and implementation of the SWMP is to fulfill requirements under the State of Utah Small MS4 General UPDES Permit No. UTR090000 in accordance with Section 402(p)(3)(B) of the Federal Clean Water Act, and the State of Utah Storm Water Regulations (UAC R317-8-3-8).

Contact Information

Trevor Nelson, Foreman

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Stormwater Coordinator
Office:  (435) 226-1444
Fax:      (435) 723-7631

Bryce Lofthouse, Manager
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Office: (435) 226-1441
Fax:      (435) 723-7631

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