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Solicitor's Licenses

Report an unlicensed solicitor

During business hours
Christina Boss: (435) 734-6621
Outside business hours
Dispatch: (435) 723-5227

Who is required to have a Solicitor's License?

City Code requires all door-to-door salespersons to have a Brigham City business license and solicitor merchant badge. Anyone selling, offering for sale, or taking orders for merchandise door-to-door within the Brigham City limits MUST have a solicitor's license. 

Excludes newspaper carriers, candidates for public office or persons conducting activities on behalf of religious organizations.

How will I know if someone is licensed as a solicitor in Brigham City?

All licensed solicitors are required to wear a City-issued identification badge around their neck or in another visible location. The badge looks like this:
badge showing photo of individual in the upper right-hand corner and physical description on the left side. A signature is at the bottom.

Current Solicitor's Licenses in Brigham City

Summit View Window Cleaning

475 W 2550 N., Harrisville
Owner: Tyler Muhlestein
Business Description: Window Cleaning

T & L Extreme Clean

325 W 300 N, Malad ID
Owner: Taten Johnston & Lance Brackin
Business Description: Pressure Cleaning 

Avail Solar 

1580 S 500 W #107 Salt Lake City 
Owner: Phill Stevens, Edgar Rodriguez
Business Description: Solar System Sales 

Wasatch Home Defense

708 W 600 S, Brigham City
Owner: Mike Woodland
Business Description: Early Fire Detection, Alarms

Edward Jones
164 N Main Street 
Suite A
Owner: Peter Stratford
Business Description: Financial Services



Why does a solicitor's license matter?

Applicants for a solicitor's license must present identification to the City and undergo a background check before a license is issued. This is for the safety of our residents.

What should I do if a solicitor doesn't have a license?

If the solicitor cannot produce a Brigham City badge, please call Christina Boss at (435) 734-6621 during business hours with a description of the individual. After hours, contact Police dispatch at (435) 723-5227. An officer will respond and inform the solicitor of the City Code requirements.


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