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Sign Permit Information & Requirements

When do I need a sign permit?
A permit is required anytime you erect a sign. However, if the value of the sign and installation is $1,000.00 or more you must also include the name of the Sign Contractor who will be installing the sign, with the State License number and contact telephone number.

If the sign is a pole sign you must provide engineered stamped drawings for the sign base and sign.

If the sign is internally illuminated, it will need to be listed & installed per the National Electric Code.

For more specific information on Brigham City's Sign Ordinance see Title 29.27 of the Brigham City Code

Where do I get the Application?
You can download the application here or come to the Brigham City Community Development Office, 20 North Main, upstairs on the east side.

Are there additional requirements for downtown businesses?
Yes - these signs must also comply with RDA #1 Design Guidelines. Please schedule an appointment with City Staff for exact area and requirements.

How much is the cost?
The cost for a sign permit is $50.00 per hour inspection time - minimum 1/2 hour.

What is required?
Illustration of the sign including:
  1. Dimensions
  2. Type
  3. Script
  4. Colors
  5. Dimensions of the building frontage
  6. Dimensions of the lot frontage
  7. A site plan showing the location of the sign
  8. Valuation of the sign, including materials and installation
For convenience you can download the requirements checklist here.

The permit will be reviewed and approved by the Community Development Division. You will be called by the Community Development office when your permit is ready to be picked up and will be told the total cost for the permit.