Brigham City Senior Center Recycles!

We recycle clean paper products. A bin is placed in our parking lot for recycling newspapers, magazines and other clean paper products. Every month we have approximately 4 tons of paper recycled. Bloom’s of Ogden donates their time and container and the money gained from the sale of the paper to Meals on Wheels and other projects at the Senior Center.

The Mayor’s Advisory Council oversees the recycling of aluminum cans. Many businesses throughout the community participate in this effort. There are also two large recycle containers located at the Center for collection. This effort also benefits Meals on Wheels.

The Senior Center was the first organization in the city to recycle plastics. A local firm uses the recycled plastic in the production of garbage cans that are used throughout communities in the state.

Old hearing aids and old eyeglasses are also accepted at the Senior Center. Hearing aids are recycled to help those who cannot otherwise afford a hearing device, and repair existing aids. Please wipe the devices with alcohol before bringing them in. Eye glasses may also be dropped off at the reception desk. They are sent to organizations helping others in third world countries. Several of our local optomotrist participate in these programs. Just drop off these items at the reception desk.

We participate in helping create a clean environment and continue to protect Mother Earth’s resources.