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What to do if the power goes out

  • Check to see if your circuit breakers have tripped. Are your neighbor's lights on, or is the entire surrounding area out of power?
  • Keep our customer service number readily available. Call us at 734-6615 any time 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or after hours at 723-3421. One of our dispatchers will normally answer your call.
  • Turn off any electrical appliances that may have been running, such as washer, dryer, space heater or computer. You may want to turn off the circuit breaker to the appliance. When power is restored, these steps will help prevent overloading the circuits.
  • Switch your porch light and one inside light on, so you and our crews will know when your electrical service is restored.
  • When the power comes back on, if the lights are dim or unusually bright, turn off the main breaker, or all breakers. Then call Brigham City Light & Power again. There may still be a problem.
  • If you notice that your neighbor's power comes back on, but yours does not, please call us again
  • Be prepared, have emergency items ready:
  • Flashlight
  • Battery operated radio
  • Extra batteries
  • If you are on life support equipment and need a back-up generator for power, please notify Brigham City Light & Power at 734-6615. After hours and weekends, please call dispatch at 734-3421 or if you have a life threatening emergency call 911.