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Porch Parade Project 2020

Brigham City’s Community Activities and Services Department is helping the community bring in spring and giving them an opportunity to show community pride by the way they decorate their porches!
The Porch Parade Project, a community activity originally driven by Marlene Martinez, is an activity for every home and every family. From April 27th to May 16th community members will be encouraged to clean, decorate, photograph, and enter their porch into this fun-spirited contest. No porch is too large or too small, and different categories will be offered to accommodate a variety of porches and décor styles. The Porch Parade Project will last throughout May with the following activities:

***Week 1 (April 27th – May 1st) – Getting started week. Send in “before” photos of your porch, determine the category your porch best fits in, and start preparing it for the project. (Porch category definitions are listed below)

- If you have technical difficulties or questions about entering your porch please call us at 435-734-6609

***Week 2 (May 4th-May 8th)***
Gardening & potted plants week. We will share related tips, tricks, & information.

***Week 3 (May 11th – May 15th)***
Contest entry week. Photograph your porch and enter it into the contest for the opportunity to win one of many awards and prizes!

***Week 4 (May 18th – May 22nd)***
Awards week. The moment we have all been waiting for. Award winners revealed and prizes given. Awarded porches will be featured in social media and the newspaper.

***Week 5+(May 23- end of May)***
Showcase week

#LetsStayHome #PorchPride #BCAllIn


Porch categories and definitions:

Stoop/Small porch = Stair(s) with a small landing, usually only about as wide as your steps, that leads into an entrance.

Medium Porch = A porch that extends on 1-side of the entrance, spanning nearly half the entrance face of your home.

Large Porch = A porch that extends on both sides of the entrance, usually spanning nearly the entire width of the entrance face of your home or beyond.