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New Residents

Welcome to Brigham City! We hope you find the information below helpful. If there are questions you have that are not answered, please feel free to call our offices and we will do what we can to help.

How to Put Utilities in Your Name

To have your utilities put in your name, you will need to come into City Hall at 20 North Main in Brigham City. If you have purchased a home, you will need picture ID and a $100 deposit or a letter of credit from a previous utility company. If you are renting or leasing, you will need a copy of the agreement, picture ID, and a $100.00 deposit or a letter of credit from a previous utility company. Brigham City Corporation provides water, electric, garbage, storm drain, and sewer.

Natural Gas

All natural gas in Brigham City is handled by Dominion Energy.

How to Pay Your Utilities Bills

You can pay your utility bill in person at City Hall or online at Xpress Bill Pay, and you can pay your natural gas bill online via the Dominion Energy Site.

How to Get a Trash Can

To obtain a trash can, please call (435)734-6601.

Garbage Days and Routes

Find out what day to take your garbage cans to the curb by viewing a map of the garbage collection routes.

How to Get Telecommunication Services

Brigham City has many service providers. A list of the providers can be found on our Telecommunications page.

How to Contact Your City Council Members

Brigham City Council Members can be contacted via their emails, which are listed on our City Council page.

Emergency Contact Numbers

In the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1
Tip-a-Cop (All calls are anonymous): (435) 723-1244
After hours utility emergencies: (435) 723-6868

Brigham City Codes

You can view Brigham City's Code Index here.

Brigham City Curfew

Curfew is 10:00pm for children up to age 13, and 12:00am (midnight) for juveniles age 14 and up. There is no curfew for adults (18+).

How to Register Your Children for Sports

Brigham City offers many sports through our Recreation Department.

How to License Your Animal

You can view information about dog licenses here.

Citizen Feedback Panel

Brigham City residents are encouraged to sign up for the Citizen Feedback Panel. Click here for information and to register.