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Neighborhood Pride Council

Mission Statement

To encourage and provide guidance to all interested citizens of Brigham City who have a desire to enhance and raise the beauty and safety of their neighborhood.

  • First, by improving our own property by pruning, planting, painting and disposing of unused items.
  • Second, by volunteering to assist others in similar cleanups and improvements.
  • Third, by enlisting and assisting other volunteers to complete similar projects to make Brigham City a better place to live.

We will work closely with Brigham City leaders to obtain funding and to receive overall direction.

Neighborhood Pride Council Members

  • Bonnie Germer, Chairperson
  • Wallace Larsen
  • Gene Juber
  • Don Cowley
  • JoAnna Blaylock
  • Sharon Ross
  • Pat Whitaker (Alternate)
  • Tyler Vincent, City Council Member

Neighborhood Pride Council