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City-wide audit of water mains

The EPA has mandated an audit of all City-connected water mains in order to inventory those that may contain harmful substances. We do not believe there is any immediate health concern at this time, but City representatives are beginning the audit process to fulfill the EPA requirement.

If your home or business was built in 1991 or later, you do not need to participate in this audit.

Business owners and homeowners can self-report here. The link includes some photographic examples for those who don't know what material their water main is.

Lines that are not self-reported will require an on-site inspection by Brigham City. Representatives will go door-to-door, explain who they are, and request to visually inspect the water main. Representatives will wear high-visibility shirts with the Brigham City logo, and will have identification badges with their photos on them.

If residents are not home when representatives visit, a door hanger will be left with a QR code and link, which allows residents to self-report or to schedule a follow-up visit.

Lines that cannot be accessed from within the building will require digging near the water meter to verify the material of the line. We encourage residents and business owners to self-report if possible, and to allow City representatives access to the water main in your home or business if self-reporting is not possible.

Those interested in the EPA's Lead and Copper Rule, which prohibited lines containing these substances in structures built after 1990, can find more information here.

water main line inspection process