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City Council report for February 16, 2023

The City Council passed a number of resolutions last night, and all residents will be affected in some way. Here's a quick rundown*. The meeting can be viewed at Time notations in this summary refer to the portion of the video addressing that particular issue. They are presented here more or less in order of public interest.

Implement $0.0523/kWh Power Purchase Agreement Clause surcharge on electrical schedules
[1:00:27 - 1:52:41]
The issue that will have the greatest impact was discussed later in the meeting, but it comes first in this summary. Finance Director Tom Kotter presented an overview of what he presented in the work session on February 15, 2023. That work session can be viewed in its entirety at

Essentially, wholesale power rates have been so volatile over the last six months that the City has spent $9.1 million of its $10.5 million budget for these expenses, with six months remaining in the fiscal year. The issue is not unique to Brigham City. Municipal power systems all over the country are dealing with the same volatility and having to make rate adjustments.

After Tom Kotter's review, the council debated implementing a smaller amount for a Power Purchase Adjustment Clause (PPAC) surcharge, but eventually decided to accept the recommendation of City staff and voted to implement a $0.0523/kWh charge. This raises the total winter/summer tier 1 rate for residential customer from $0.1069/kWh to $0.1592/kWh. All rate tiers and schedules will see the surcharge. It's a drastic increase, and the council will receive regular updates from City staff about the current situation over the coming months. If wholesale rates decrease, the PPAC could be lessened, eliminated, or even moved into negative territory, which would mean residents would receive a credit on their bill.

Change number of allowed cats and adult dogs
[44:08 - 47:43]
Brigham City residents will now be able to have more cats or more adult dogs. While still keeping the maximum number of animals at four, the council voted to allow households to have up to three cats or up to three adult dogs. Previously, the ordinance has been no more than two of either with a maximum of four total.

Change to shelter fees and dog licensing fees
[47:43 - 56:45]
The animal shelter's fee structure will be updated for the first time since 2004. The shelter staff researched other cities in Utah and found that Brigham City Animal Shelter's fee structure was far below the state average. The new fees are still below average. The Animal Shelter's website will be updated with the new fees as soon as possible.
In addition, the license fee for a sterilized dog will increase from $10 to $15 for a one-year license and from $25 to $40 for a three-year license. The license fee for an unaltered dog will increase from $20 to $40 for a one-year license and from $55 to $100 for a three-year license. There will no longer be a penalty for late registration. The new fees also include a senior discount for sterilized dogs only. Seniors will pay $5 for a one-year license and $15 for a three-year license. Licenses continue to expire on May 31 each year.

Change to compost facility hours and fees
[39:32 - 44:07]
Beginning March 1, the hours of operation at the compost/green waste facility will change to optimize staffing resources. This was a data-driven decision based on more than a year of observation of the days and times that customers actually visit the facility. New hours will be:
Summer hours (April - October): Tuesday - Saturday, 8am-5pm
Winter hours (November - March): Tuesday - Friday, 8am-5pm

In addition, cardboard tipping prices will increase and product pricing will be updated. New prices will be available March 1 at

Report on Forest Street overpass project
[1:56:28 - 2:13:58]
Adam Birdsal from Parametrix and Brett Jones from Jones & Associates presented an update about the Forest Street overpass project. The design phase is almost finished, and it is expected that utilities work will begin soon. The project is currently running under budget.

Real estate transactions to allow for potential future location of Brigham City Museum
[2:14:31 - 2:25:59]
Acting as the Redevelopment Agency (RDA), members voted to approve the purchase of one piece of property and the sale of another. Both of these properties are located on West Forest Street. The RDA will purchase 0.28-acre parcel at 1145 W Forest, which is currently a tow yard, for $237,500. The RDA will also sell a neighboring parcel it already owns, at 1155 W Forest, to Aspire Performance Academy of the Arts for $235,000.

Aspire plans to begin construction on a facility in the next five years that will house a theater, classroom space, and other event space. In the sale, Brigham City will retain the option to co-locate the Brigham City Museum in that facility. Aspire will be responsible for the cost of the facility, and the City will be responsible for the additional cost of co-locating the museum there. The 0.28-acre lot that the RDA purchased is not included in the sale to Aspire, but will be used for additional facility parking. A public hearing was held on the budget amendment needed to make these transactions, and the RDA passed the amendment and also approved both the purchase and sales agreements. 

Budget amendment for airport maintenance
[6:54 - 11:03]
The council voted to amend the budget because some grant funding for airport maintenance came available sooner than expected. In order to receive roughly $350,000 of federal grant funding, the City has to match with about $89,000. The money had already been set aside, so this amendment allows the City to spend that money this year in order to receive the grant, instead of in a future year. 

Carbon Free Power Project
[37:37 - 39:15]
Two weeks ago, the council voted to keep Brigham City Public Power involved in the Carbon Free Power Project, but they didn't have the documentation to make it an official resolution. So last night the council officially approved the resolution that will keep us committed to the project and guarantee that when it comes online, we will have access to a percentage of the power produced. 

Update construction water meter rental rate and deposit
[57:40 - 59:39]
Because water meter prices have increased, the deposit paid by construction companies who rent those meters during construction activities no longer covers the cost of the meter when they need to be replaced due to damage. The council voted to increase the rental deposit to whatever the current price of a replacement meter is. 

Update Employee Policy and Procedures Manual
[1:52:50 - 1:56:28]
The council approved a change to the Employee Policies and Procedures Manual that would make it unnecessary for the council to approve personnel policies unless they have a budget implication. 

*Please note that this is just a summary and doesn't contain all the details, and this isn't the official record of the meeting. Official meeting notes will be posted to when they are available.