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Event Details

Cemetery Clean Up - Spring Cleanup - March 27

When: Mar 27, 2023
7:00 am
Where: Brigham City Cemetery
300 E 300 S
Contact: (435) 723-5813

The annual spring cleanup at Brigham City Cemetery will begin on Monday, March 27, 2023.  All flowers and decorations not in permanent containers and those in such containers that are wilted, damaged or faded will be removed. Any and all Christmas decorations (including poinsettias) will be removed.  Spring cleanup is done annually in preparation for Easter decorating.


When the cleanup sweep is done all decorations that are removed are taken to the county landfill for disposal. Those wishing to reclaim their decorations are encouraged to do so prior to the cleanup.  BE ADVISED THAT INDIVIDUALS REMOVING DECORATIONS FROM PLOTS BELONGING TO OTHERS IS CONSIDERED THEFT OF PROPERTY AND IS PUNISHABLE UNDER LAW AS A CLASS B MISDEMEANOR.


Patrons bringing in decorations for spring or for the rest of the year are encouraged to wait until the cleanup is completed before freshening up displays. Patrons are also reminded that all flowers, real or artificial must be placed in a container or attached to the monument.  Flowers in movable containers must be placed on the headstone to allow easy access for lawn mowers. Flowers properly displayed are allowed throughout the year. 


To protect maintenance workers and cemetery visitors, ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS CONTAINERS ARE PERMITTED, NOR ARE ANY OBJECTS SUCH AS WIRE, IRON (SHEPHERD HOOKS), STICKS, OR PEGS DRIVEN INTO THE GROUND.  These arrangements will be removed immediately upon discovery.


If you have questions concerning the cleanup or Cemetery operations please contact the Public Works Administrative Offices by the number listed below or via email at