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Leaf Collection

As fall leaf collection season approaches Brigham City Street Division would like to share some general information:
  • It is the goal of the Street Division to remove leaf piles once per week in your area.  However, schedules may change due to weather or work load.
  • Residents should not rake their leaves into the gutter but should keep them in piles on the park strip.  Doing so will prevent clogging of the storm drain system.
  • Remember, only leaves should be piled in the park strip.  No other greenwaste or debris will be collected.
  • We want to help our residents clear the leaves.  However, please keep in mind that we are covering large areas of heavy leaf fall which may delay our return to your area.
LEAF COLLECTION MAP (See when crews will be in your area)

Questions may be referred to the Public Works Administrative Offices at (435)734-6615.