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Why does the Fire Department respond to medical emergencies with a fire truck?

In a nutshell, we have to "take the fire station with us to every call." Brigham City Fire Department responds to an average of about 8 emergencies each day with very limited staffing. The calls tend to "come in bunches" of two, three, four or five at a time. The calls range from auto and structure fires to medical emergencies, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials spills, carbon monoxide calls, etc. We take a Fire Engine to the medical calls, in addition to the ambulance, because on most medical emergencies we need at least four personnel while the staff on the Engine must be ready with the right equipment to respond to the next emergency. Frequently the Fire Engine has responded to working fires from a medical scene and because they are already out they have a very quick response time.

Does the Brigham City Fire Department cooperate with and assist other fire agencies?

Yes! Brigham City Fire Department has automatic and mutual aid agreements with the other fire departments in Box Elder County. Those other agencies are "pre-programmed" into our dispatch computer and are automatically called upon when Brigham units are tied up on other emergencies or when additional help is needed in the Brigham area to handle a large emergency. Conversely, the Brigham City Fire Department is also pre-programmed to respond similarly to other cities and towns in Box Elder County that need similar help.

What are the Fire Restrictions in Brigham City?

Yes, Brigham City has a Fire Restriction Order in place that took effect in July. This will be in effect until the Fire Chief rescinds the order.