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Fence Permit Information

Fences are built for many reasons. The most popular being to create privacy in the rear yard of a residence. Other reasons are to delineate property lines, decorate the property or contain pets. Whatever the reason, fences add value and security to your home.

All residential fences over three (3') feet and commercial fences over six (6') feet high require a permit. There is NO FEE for a residential fence permit, but zoning approval must be obtained through the permitting process.
For the specific regulations governing fences and walls see Section 29.05.130 by clicking here

A permit may be obtained by the property owner or the licensed contractor who is constructing the fence through the Community Development Department. A simple plot plan should be submitted showing the area of the yard to be fenced and the height of the fence.

There are some restrictions placed on fences and locations of fences. The fence must be located on your property and must allow for a clear view triangle. Full detail on the "clear view triangle" (Section 29.05.200) can be found by clicking here. Please contact the Inspection Department if you need assistance in measuring or marking this area.

Attention: A fence cannot block or obstruct access along an open irrigation system where it passes through one lot to another. There must be access available (i.e. gate) through a fence to get to the water valve gates and to maintain the waterway. Contact your Water Master if there are any questions.

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