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Why build a fence?

Fences are built for many reasons. The most popular being to create privacy in the rear yard of a residence. Other reasons are to delineate property lines, decorate the property or contain pets. Whatever the reason, fences add value and security to your home.

Is a permit required from the City to build a fence and if so what do I submit?

All residential fences over three (3’) feet and commercial fences over 6’ high require a permit. A permit may be obtained through the Community Development Department at no charge for residential fences. This may be obtained by the property owner or the licensed contractor who is constructing the fence. A simple plot plan should be submitted showing the area of the yard to be fenced and the heights of the fence material.

Fence Permit Form

What restrictions are placed on the fence and locations?

The fence must be located on your property (special allowances are made for the front yard fences on City property). The attached drawing depicts heights and areas where fences may be located.

Regulations Governing Fences and Walls - Code 29.05.130

Fencing Guideline for Corner Lot and Interior Lot

What is a clear view triangle?

This is an area at intersections (streets and driveways) that must remain unobstructed for a height of three (3’) feet to seven (7’) feet above the ground. The attached drawing depicts how to conclude where those clear view areas are. Please contact the Inspection Department if you need assistance in measuring or marking this area.

Clear View of Intersecting Streets - Code 29.05.200


You are responsible to verify property lines and ensure that the fence does not encroach onto city or other private property without proper consent. Property lines fronting on the street vary throughout the city. The sidewalk is not a reliable indication of your property line. Also, please be aware of clear view triangles and that your neighbor's driveway can affect the height and location of your fence.



Questions can be directed to the Community Development Department at 435-734-6604.