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Design Criteria

For buildings and structures located within Brigham City limits

Download the Code Analysis Requirements form (pdf)


Base ground load: 43psf
The ground snow load must be calculated in accordance with Section 1608.1.2 of the Utah Amended Code (Item 43) with regional snow load factors compliant with Table 1608.1.2(a).


Speed: 90mph with 120mph 3-second wind gust
Typical Exposure:


Ground Motions: For specific acceleration values see the USGS National Seismic Hazard Maps
Seismic Design Category:
Site specific (per IBC 1613.3.5.1 Table 1613.3.5 (1)). "D" is typical.


Frost Depth: 30”
All commercial projects and new subdivisions require a site-specific soils report meeting the requirements of Section 1803 of the 2018 IBC. Additions to existing facilities of less than 3,000 square feet are exempted from this requirement. Soils report shall be no older than 2 years.
Site Class: Refer to Soils report. For projects not requiring a soils report, Site Class ‘D’ can be assumed. (2018 IBC 1613.3.2.)

Allowable Bearing Pressures
  • Foundation pressure: 1,500psf, per Table 1806.2.
  • Lateral pressure: 100psf/f, per Table 1610.1.
  • The above listed values are maximum allowable values unless listed otherwise by a site-specific soils report.

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