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Combat Cyber Crime

Brigham City has joined the Stop.Think.Connect campaign to help make the Internet a safer place for everyone. In order to protect ourselves, our computers, identities, businesses and children from the dangers of cybercrime, we must all work together to educate ourselves on the dangers that exist and how to deal with them.  As a member for Cyber Coalition and part of the Stop.Think.Connect campaign Brigham City wishes to do it's part in combating cybercrime. To start, here are some resources that could be useful for our residents courtesy of the Stop.Think.Connect partnership. For more information you can visit the Stop.Think.Connect website and look through other resources. Together we can make a difference.


Best Practices for Creating a Password
Chatting with Kids about Cybercrime
Families Cybercrime Presentation
Identity Theft and Internet Scams Resource Guide
Kids Cybersecurity Presentation
Phishing Scams Resource Guide
Reporting Cybercrime
Social Media Guide