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This is a combined Compost/Greenwaste/Recycling Facility located at 820 N. Watery Lane. Hours of operation are Wednesday through Friday, 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. These are the hours when City staff will be present to help with sales of product. Mondays and Tuesdays will be used for product processing and site preparation.  Product sales are closed to the public on Sundays, City Holidays and from Mid-November to Mid-March, weather permitting.

Recycle bins for steel, and cardboard are on site for the community to access 6 days a week from 7AM to 7PM during the spring and summer season (Apr - Sept) and 8AM to 6PM during the winter season (Oct - Mar). Please refer to Resolution No. 18-11 for further detail regarding fees at the site.

Product and Costs Per Cubic Yard

Manure Report
Product #101 - Green Compost
Product #103 - Bio Compost
Product #119 - Leaf Compost

 The bed of a regular sized pickup truck will normally hold approximately two cubic yards.

This product meets all State and Federal requirements for 'Class A' compost or 'EQ' which stands for exceptional quality.

  • Brigham City compost is a high quality product that may be used as a soil amendment or top dressing. The compost is produced by recovering green waste from landfills and bio-solids from the wastewater treatment plant. The composting process promotes high bacterial activity which breaks down and stabilizes the organic materials in the green waste and bio-solid mixture. The biological activity produces heat, which causes the compost piles to reach temperatures in excess of 131F (55 C). Temperatures must stay at 131 F or higher for a minimum of 15 days.  These high temperatures destroy any disease causing organisms that may have been present.  This results in a safe, high quality product ideal for lawn, garden and landscape use.  
Practical application tips are as follows:


Top dressing after seeding: Compost should be spread in a uniform cover 1/8 - 1/4 inch thick over newly seeded areas.

Lawn Maintenance

As a top dressing after aerating, compost should be spread uniformly to a depth of 1/4 inch on an established lawn or ornamental planting bed and raked in. Spring and fall applications are recommended for cool season grasses.

Compost applied to gardens and lawns can:

  • Increase the moisture holding capacity of the soil
  • Increase the microbial life in the soil 
  • Provide needed nutrients as nitrogen and phosphorous

Turf, Grasses, Vegetable, and Ornamental Gardens

Most Utah soils can be amended with Brigham City compost by applying three cubic yards of compost per 1000 square feet of planting area. This is equivalent to a layer of compost two inches deep applied onto the planting area. The compost should be thoroughly incorporated only into the top 4-6 inches of the soil in order to create a uniform planting bed and to ensure aerobic conditions.

Shrubbery and Tree Planting

Compost can be mixed with existing soil at up to 1:3 by volume; no more than 30 percent organic amendment resulting in faster breakdown of organic matter which makes more nutrients available to plant life. It can also introduce plant disease fighting organisms into the soil.

Compost generated by Brigham City is tested for minerals, heavy metals, chemical and bacterial properties, and the results of these tests must be reported annually to the Utah State Department of Environmental Quality and the United States Environmental Protection Agency to maintain the title of 'Class A' or 'Exceptional Quality'.

Contact Information:

Bryce Lofthouse, Manager
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Office: (435) 226-1441
Fax:      (435) 723-7631

revor Nelson, Foreman
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Stormwater Coordinator
Office:  (435) 226-1444


Jolene Crockett
Administrative Assistant
to the Public Works Director
Office: (435) 734-6615
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