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City Administrator

Jason Roberts, City Administrator

I began my career with Brigham City in 2009 as the Director of Finance. I have since been appointed as City Administrator. I hold Master of Accountancy and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Utah State University and am a certified public accountant. Prior to working for Brigham City, I held positions at Ernst & Young and Transportation Alliance Bank, a subsidiary of Flying J, Inc.

Our City employees have great work ethic and a lot of home town pride. One of my goals is to foster and elevate their standard of performance and encourage excellence in customer service.

I hope you will join with me and our elected officials in support of our Mission which states:

"To enhance the quality of life by providing municipal services, protecting life and property with fiscal responsibility, while preserving our heritage for the citizens of Brigham City."

Contact Jason Roberts by calling his assistant at 435-734-6612 or you can click this link