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Citizens on Patrol (COP)

Citizens on Patrol (COP) is a volunteer group which falls under the umbrella of the Citizens' Corps along with Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) and Neighborhood Watch.

This group of volunteers lend their support to the Brigham City Police Department by helping to patrol such events as Peach Days, the Annual Heritage Arts Festival and the Fourth of July celebration. Members assist officers by patrolling designated areas and by reporting dangerous or illegal activies, or by summoning assistance for those who are in need of help. COP volunteers do not intervene in situations where police officers are required, but rather, act as additional eyes and ears of the department to assist in timely reporting and response to incidents where official action is needed. Volunteers also assist with lost children and parking issues.

All COP volunteers are graduates of the Citizen Police Academy. They are easily identified by their Navy blue polo shirts that have "POLICE VOLUNTEER" printed on the back. Citizens are encouraged to approach a COP volunteer if they want to report a lost child or suspicious activity. The volunteers carry their own communication equipment and can readily summon help if needed.

If you would like more information on becoming a COP volunteer, please call Lieutenant Michael Nelsen at the Brigham City Police Department, (435) 734-6650.