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Cemetery Fees & Permits

Fees for services are set by resolution of the City Council and are changed from time to time as needed. A current fee schedule is available at the Cemetery or City Recorder’s offices. Fees for Saturday and holiday burials are one and one half times regular rates.

Property Purchases

Brigham City Resident per burial spot $  600.00
Non-Resident per burial spot $1200.00
Brigham City Resident Infant space $  150.00
Non-Resident Infant space $  300.00
Brigham City Resident Niche (Row 1 or 2)
Non-Resident Niche (Row 1 or 2)
$  500.00
Brigham City Resident Niche (Row 3)
Non-Resident Niche (Row 3)
$  400.00
$  800.00
Brigham City Resident Niche (Row 4)
Non-Resident Niche (Row 4)
$  300.00
$  600.00

Opening and Closing Fees

Brigham City Resident (weekdays) $  500.00    
Non-Resident (weekdays) $1000.00
Brigham City Resident (Saturday/holidays) $  750.00
Non-Resident (Saturday/holidays) $1500.00
Cremains - Resident (weekdays) $  250.00
Cremains - Non-Resident (weekdays) $  500.00
Cremains - Resident (Saturday/holidays) $  300.00
Cremains - Non-Resident (Saturday/holidays) $  600.00

Perpetual Care Fees

This fee is collected and kept in a special endowment fund, the interest of which may be used for the general care, maintenance and improvements of the Cemetery. This fund aids in the maintaining of the Cemetery after it is sold out of burial rights. Voluntary contributions to the perpetual care fund will be graciously accepted.

Marker of Monument Fee

A permit is required to place headstones in the Cemetery. All fees will be placed in the perpetual care fund. No repairs or replacement of private markers or monuments will be made with these fees. Permits are available at the Cemetery office. Monument dealers may obtain permits at the time the monument is delivered. Monument dealers must give 24 hours notice to the Cemetery office prior to placement.

Burial Permits

A permit for burial must be filled out prior to the opening of the grave. The family representatives or the funeral director should give the necessary information and fees to the Sexton. Proper and complete information is required for accurate record keeping. No person, except the owner of the burial rights on a lot, will bury on that lot unless a for provided by the Sexton has been signed by the owner or legal heirs to those rights giving permission for the use of the lot. The permission slip must be turned in before the grave opening and will be kept as a permanent record.

Perpetual Care

A perpetual care fund was established in 1986 to help realize that commitment. Funded by sales of burial rights it will help offset the expense of maintaining the cemetery. Donations, bequests and special memorial gifts to the fund will help guarantee the optimum level of care that has been traditionally given. Only the interest generated from the fund is used; the principal is never touched. Information on donating to the fund is available at the Cemetery Office or City Hall.