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The Cemetery crew will remove decorations of flowers on new graves after seven (7) days. Special flower mementos should be removed at the conclusion of services by the family. After the burial is completed, the casket spray is placed at the center of the grave. Other flower containers and wreaths are laid down in an orderly fashion around the spray with the containers extending outward. Only the last row of containers is visible; the others are covered by each succeeding row of flowers. Flowers are laid down to prevent them from being blown around the Cemetery by nightly canyon winds.

Properly displayed flowers add to the beauty and character of the Cemetery. Flowers are allowed throughout the year. Brigham City Corporation and the Cemetery will not be responsible for flowers or other personal property left in the Cemetery.

All flowers, real or artificial must be placed in a container or attached to the monument. Flowers in movable containers must be placed on the headstone or base to ensure easy access for grass cutting. NO glass containers are permitted. Any objects, such as wires, irons, sticks, or pegs, driven into the ground are not permitted. Any object or decoration not in compliance will be removed immediately upon discovery. Flowers on monuments between designated rows are not permitted except on Memorial Day.

Cemetery crews begin preparation for Memorial Day the Monday prior to the holiday. Preparations including mowing, trimming and weeding usually take the entire week to complete. Sprinkler irrigation is stopped from Friday afternoon through the end of Memorial Day to allow for the placement of decorations. Flower regulations as listed above will be strictly enforced. The Cemetery office will be staffed on Memorial Day from 9am to 1pm to assist the public in finding graves.

Cemetery clean up will begin the Monday morning following Memorial Day. Anyone desirous of picking up their wreaths or decorations should do so prior to that Monday. Removal of decorations that are not personally owned is a Class B Misdemeanor and those found doing so will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.