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Burial Rights

The City Cemetery is a public park and will remain so as long as Brigham City exists. Only permissive burial rights are sold. The City retains title to the Cemetery property. A maximum of four (4) graves can be purchased by any one individual or concern. A certificate of burial rights will be issued to each purchaser after fees are paid in full.

Burial rights are conveyed to the person or persons named therein and their heirs perpetually. All legal heirs are presumed to have legal claim to the rights of burial unless specified differently in a legal will or probate court. Burials by or of heirs, after the original parties named on burial certificates are deceased, requires the permission of all living heirs, in writing, on forms supplied by the Sexton.

The Cemetery Master File is considered the correct record. Any discrepancy between the master file and the certificate of burial rights will be considered a clerical error. The City reserves the right to All proceeds of the resale of reverted property will be replaced in the perpetual care fund (Chapter 5, Title 8 Utah Code Annotated, 1953)

Record Research

Copies of Cemetery records for research, historical or genealogical purposes will be made available upon payment of copy fees. These fees are set by City Council resolution. Information can be found on the Utah Government Website by linking to Utah State History Online Services.

Patrons may also find information concerning ancestors buried in our cemetery at Names In Stone which is a service offered by GIS Mapping, Inc.

Ordering a Grave Opening

The funeral director or a responsible party can arrange for a grave opening. The required permits need to be completed and fees paid prior to the internment of the deceased.

The information required is: the name of the deceased; the place of internment (obtained from the Cemetery Master File, unless new purchase); the location, date and time of funeral services; and the name of the funeral director or mortician. The funeral director must submit a genealogy sheet. Contact the Cemetery Sexton by telephone or in person at the Cemetery Office.

Hours for Burials

Burials are accepted from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily at the Cemetery. The remains be delivered at the cemetery prior to 4:00 p.m. or the overtime charges set forth by resolution shall be assessed.  No remains will be received at the cemetery on Sundays, City Holidays, the Saturday before Memorial Day or the Saturday of Peach Days.

Burials per Grave

It is normal practice to allow only one burial per space. However, double burials can be accommodated provided one of the deceased has been cremated. A 24-hour notice is needed for burials. Special requests or requirements may be handled with the Sexton.


Special arrangements can be made for the internment of infants. More than one burial can be accommodated per full grave space. A special area of the Cemetery is reserved for these burials.


More than one cremation can be accommodated in a full size grave. A Meditation Garden with columbariums is now available for internment.


Vaults are required for all burials. Vaults should be of concrete, steel or other structurally sound material as approved by the Sexton.

Orientation of Graves

By convention, burial spaces are laid in rows with the head of the grave at the west and foot at the east. Individual grave tracts usually measure four feet wide by ten feet long. Traditional burial custom has the wife placed to the left side of the husband, however, placement is a matter of choice. The Sexton will help in the decision as needed.

Disinterments or Exhumations

Cemetery grounds are sacredly devoted to the interment or repose of the dead. When disinterring or removing remains from the Cemetery is necessary, compliance with all applicable state laws is required. The Sexton will schedule and direct the exhumation after applicable fees have been paid. Consultation with a funeral director is necessary for this procedure.