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Brigham Fire Department Medical Response:

We are proud to have to have 5 Ambulances certified for Paramedic response; our crews are certified as Paramedic or Advanced EMT through the State of Utah.

Our Paramedics are trained and use state of art Cardiac Monitors to provide the ability to read EKG rhythms that can be sent instantly to any Hospital from Brigham to Salt Lake, they also allow us to Pace, Cardiovert, Defibrillate, monitor vitals, monitor O2 sats and End tidal capnography. Our Paramedics also provide Advanced Pharmacology and multiple Airway procedures.

Along with the Paramedics, AEMT’s are trained on various medications, an advanced airway, and IV therapy.

CPR is a critical component of the public to be trained on and start early; it is also a key treatment we provide in a cardiac arrest situation. It is crucial to have very little time without CPR, which is why we are proud to have an automated CPR device called the LUCAS. This device helps us deliver uninterrupted CPR while the patient is carried out of the home or business, and enables more provider safety in the ambulance.

Our Engine responds on all medical calls as extra providers, who are also Paramedics or AEMT’s; this provides extra help in critical situations for treatment and assisting with equipment and patient carrying. This has also provided for recognition from the Hospital for higher level treatment and shorter scene times.

Our department also provides emergent and non-emergent patient transfers from the Brigham City ER to other hospitals in Ogden and Salt Lake.